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A History of the Jews in the Hamptons

With Professor Karl Grossman

The Hamptons enjoys a vibrant Jewish community. However, this was not always the case. Apart from Sag Harbor, Jewish people were not welcome in various sections of the Hamptons including parts of East Hampton and Southampton. Join us for a fascinating lecture on the history of the Jewish community on the East End.

Bio: Karl Grossman, of Sag Harbor, is an award winning investigative journalist and full professor of journalism at the State University of New York/College at Old Westbury and a journalist long active on TV and in writing for newspapers, magazines and these days the Internet including the Jewish press, the Long Island Jewish World and Manhattan Jewish Sentinel, and on the Internet, The Times of Israel. He is the author of six books.

Shabbat, May, 29th

Services Begin - 10:00am

Talk by Karl Grossman - 11:30am

Followed by Kiddush Lunch and Q&A

Location: The Sag Harbor Inn

Event is Open to the Public and No Affiliation Necessary

Jeffrey Sussman

Anti Semitism in America Pre WWII: How Boxing Heroes Max Baer and Barney Ross Fought Prejudice In and Out of The Ring 

With Author Jeffrey Sussman 


In the 1920s and 30s, anti-Semitism was rife in the United States and Europe. Jews needed symbols of strength and demonstrations of courage against their enemies, and they found both in two champions of boxing: Max Baer and Barney Ross. Baer was the only Jewish heavyweight champion in the twentieth century, while Ross was considered one of the greatest welterweight and lightweight champions of the era. Although their careers never crossed paths, their boxing triumphs played a common role in lifting the spirits of persecuted Jews. 

In his book Max Baer and Barney Ross: Jewish Heroes of Boxing, Jeffrey Sussman chronicles the lives of two men whose successful bouts inside the ring served as inspiration for Jewish fans across the country and around the world.

Jeffrey will address the sad state of anti-Semetisim in America pre-WWII and the efforts   to counter it.  

Bio: Jeffrey Sussman is president of Jeffrey Sussman, Inc. a marketing public relations firm in New York City. Jeffrey Sussman is the author of ten non-fiction books, two novels, dozens of short stories, book reviews, and numerous articles on a wide variety of topics. In addition, he wrote and produced two television series. He also teaches marketing and promotion courses at the New School for Social Research in New York City. His biography has been written in "Who's Who" since 1997.

Shabbat, July 8th

Services Begin - 10:00am

Talk by Jeffrey Sussman - 11:30am

Followed by Kiddush Lunch and Q&A

Location: 36 W Water St, Sag Harbor, NY

Event is Open to the Public and No Affiliation Necessary

Jews and Sports

With Author Robert Lipsyte


The relationship between  Jews and sports has been a complicated one. There have always been great Jewish athletes – Sid Luckman, Hank Greenberg, barney Ross, Mark Spitz, for starters – not to mention great sports minds like Theo Epstein, Red Auerbach, Howard Cosell and many sportswriters, but there has also been an ambivalence. The important 1930’s sports columnist Paul Gallico wrote that the Jewish basketball stars of his time were genetically aided by innate Hebrew “deviousness,” and immigrant families were torn by sports’ potential for assimilation, for good and bad.

Robert Lipsyte, a long-time sports reporter and commentator for the New York Times, CBS Sunday Morning and ESPN, will explore the world of jews and sports and what he sees as the greatest value – the possibility of finding in games the fairness, meritocracy and model for social justice that has always been at the heart of Judaism.

Lipsyte lives in Shelter Island, NY, with his wife, the writer Lois B. Morris.

Shabbat, July 22nd

Services Begin - 10:00am

Talk by Robert Lipsyte - 11:30am

Followed by Kiddush Lunch and Q&A

Location: 36 W Water St, Sag Harbor, NY

Event is Open to the Public and No Affiliation Necessary

A Shrink Grows In Brooklyn

With Author Dr. Martin Obler

The story of a Jewish child born into dire poverty and dysfunction in Brooklyn during The Great Depression and Holocaust. A childhood that ultimately prepares him for a prolific career as therapist and life of helping others.


Friday, August 18th
Shabbat Service - 6:45pm, Followed by Wine Tasting & Lecture

Dr. Martin Obler is author of a recently published autobiography “Shrink”. Dr. Obler has been in private practice in NYC for the past thirty-seven years. He appeared on TV shows, including Geraldo Rivera,  Bill O’Reilly and CNN and on over fifty radio interviews in the United States and Canada.  As professor at Brooklyn College for over thirty-eight years, Dr. Obler engaged in academic research and taught courses in psychology.


Community Shabbat Dinner and Lecture by

Hon. Amir Sagie

Deputy Consul General of Israel in NY

“Threats and Opportunities Facing Israel in a Changing Middle East”

Friday, August 25th
Shabbat Services - 6:45pm
Followed by Dinner and Lecture

$45 Per Person

As Deputy Consul General in New York, Israel’s largest mission in
the world, Amir Sagie coordinates the political work of the Consulate
in 5 North-Eastern and Mid-Atlantic states NY, NJ, PA, OH and DL
Prior to his current appointment, Amir was Director of the Civil Society Affairs Department of the MFA.

Location: 36 W Water St, Sag Harbor, NY

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