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Contest Overview:

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Menorah must be designed with eight candle holders all on same level and in a straight line. The ninth candle holder should be on a higher level than the rest. The ninth candle can be in middle of the the Menorah with four on each side or off to a side.

Contestants will be judged for menorah design, creativity, originality and unique materials used in building the menorah. Menorah must be newly built for this contest and not from a previously Chanukah. Contestant must be sole builder of the Menorah. The age of contestant will also be taken into consideration.

Email a picture of your finished Menorah with a detailed description, age and bio of yourself.

Make sure to share a picture of your Menorah on social media and tag Center For Jewish Life.

The deadline to submit a picture of your Menorah is Thur, November  29th.

You will be notified if your Menorah will be included in the final competition and judge's decision ceremony at our Grand Chanukah Party and Award Ceremony on Sunday, Dec 2nd, 3:00pm. If your Menorah is included in the final competition, it will need to be dropped off or mailed to us prior to judgement and award ceremony.

Tell your family and friends to RSVP for our Chanukah Party and Award Ceremony on Dec 2nd, 3:00pm.

A special thank you to Nest Seekers International for sponsoring Chanukah’s Got Talent!