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Join Us For A Screening of:

Auschwitz: The Nazis and the 'Final Solution'

A Documentary by the BBC

Sunday, August 11th 1pm-3pm

All over the world, Auschwitz has become a symbol of terror, genocide, and the Holocaust. It was established by Germans in 1940, in the suburbs of Oswiecim, a Polish city that was annexed to the Third Reich by the Nazis. Its name was changed to Auschwitz, which also became the name of Konzentrationslager Auschwitz.

This is the site of the largest industrialized mass murder in the history of the world. 1.1 million people died here. More than the total British and American losses in the whole of the Second World War. It was the largest of the extermination centers where the "Endlösung der Judenfrage" (the final solution to the Jewish question - the Nazi plan to murder European Jews) was carried out.

First aired in 2005, this is the story of the evolution of Auschwitz and the mentality of the perpetrators. It's a history, based in part on documents and plans only discovered since the opening of archives in Eastern Europe, and informed by interviews with people who were there, including former members of the SS. Combining rare archive footage, CGI illustrations of the camp never before seen on television and dramatic reconstructions of the key decision-making moments, the story of Auschwitz and the horrific ideology behind it unfolds. Selections of 6 Part Series.

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