Sale of Chametz

On the holiday of Passover, we are commanded not to have any chametz in our possession. Any food that is made out of grain that has been allowed to rise (ferment) is chametz. Common chametz items include bread, cakes, breakfast cereals, pastas, many liquors and more. Any chametz that was in the possession of a Jew during Passover is forbidden, even after Passover ends. This applies even if the chametz is locked up and out of sight.

So what is someone to do if they want to hold on to their prized Scotch collection or freezer full of challah?

The solution (as explained in the Code of Jewish Law, O.C. 448) is the “Sale of Chametz,” in which the food is sold before Passover. After the holiday, the chametz is bought back, and it can once again be enjoyed.

To have you Chametz sold by Rabbi Lerman, please click here to download the form. Once complete, email it to

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